Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birth Order And Romantic Compatibility

This another great article I have read tonight on the internet and I thought it would be a good idea to share it here. I find this very true since it fits for both me and my husband's personality. I am married, I am the second child in the family to a husband who is the first born and yes he is somewhat a perfectionist person, yes a true leader as well...ah all of the characteristics describing the first born, my husband has it all and I am lucky for he accept my flaws even though for me he is perfect.

The oldest child: the leader, a good citizen, responsible, responsive to parents’ expectations, well-organized, precise, and prone to perfectionism.
The youngest child: takes on the baby role, easygoing, spontaneous, used to being noticed and fussed over, charming, and manipulative.

The middle child: has less of a clear-cut role in the family; instead, she often makes a place for herself outside the family, creating a network of close friends, venturing away from the family physically, and breaking the mold intellectually as well.

The only child: often has characteristics both of first children (capable, perfectionistic) and of youngest children (attention-seeking, self-centered).

Lifted from the internet, SOURCE HERE

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chip Free Manicure For 14 Days?

Would you believe a manicure that really lasts 14 days? Personally, that would be impossible since I do all my house chores with my bare hands. I do dishes a lot everyday of my life so a nice manicure that could last for two weeks will be a great idea but how? What kind of product that we can buy to achieve lustrous nails longer? Here is what CND company is hoping to bring ladies back to the salon with Shellac at recession time. A new nail polish that is an innovative hybrid nail color that is guaranteed to last for 14 days. Yeah it is a proven fact shellac manicures last two whole weeks reportedly by a woman who have tried the product herself. The con though is it is worth more than a salon price of 40-45 bucks each.

Read the whole article about this nail polish HERE

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Sweet Of Him And I am Flattered

So I share the same thoughts as my husband that is proven for sure. It feels weird when I am on the bed and he isn't, I mean when I go to bed first before him I just couldn't sleep tight knowing that he is not on my side. And he on the other hand, somehow felt the same way too.

An instance just like last night that proves the same. I put my baby to her bed and stayed there for more than an hour. She was on her bed and I laid down on the floor, although it is carpeted yet I could feel the hard surface against my body. I chose to stay there longer because it feels cooler in my baby's room than in our bedroom.

Mind you, my husband was already snoring when he found out later that I wasn't on the bed yet, so what he did, he went to the baby's room and woke me up in my shallow dream. I jerked, I thought there was snake crawling into my body. All along it was my husband tapping my leg gently, offering his hand to me so I could stand up with the help of his loving hand. The simple gesture of his telling me to move into our comfy bed and the thought of it makes me flattered. How sweet of him to think of his wife lying on the floor haha. Love him to death, no doubt about that and I know he loves me too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Not To Do On Facebook

More often than not, people on Facebook have done great mistakes by simply putting all out important/confidential information about themselves in their profiles. A lot of them on my list alone proudly wrote everything from their hometown, birthdates, schools etc. Little do they know the biggest risk they are about to encounter, thieves, hackers and criminals swarming and lurking around the internet waiting for that perfect timing to strike and victimize people.

If you read this post or happen to read an article on Yahoo, please forward it to people you care about. This might save them from trouble in the future.

Using a Weak Password

Avoid simple names or words you can find in a dictionary, even with numbers tacked on the end. Instead, mix upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. A password should have at least eight characters.

-A combination of letters and numbers will be good enough as long as it is not a short single word that is predictable.

Leaving Your Full Birth Date in Your Profile

It's an ideal target for identity thieves, who could use it to obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your bank or credit card account. If you've already entered a birth date, go to your profile page and click on the Info tab, then on Edit Information. Under the Basic Information section, choose to show only the month and day or no birthday at all.

- I helped my husband set up his FB account and one day he saw his birthdate was entered wrong and he corrected me with that, yeah I changed it to the correct year he was born(that was when he was watching me) but I changed it the following day for I thought displaying the whole thing could mean hassle and trouble someday. So now he's safe.

Overlooking Useful Privacy Controls

For almost everything in your Facebook profile, you can limit access to only your friends, friends of friends, or yourself. Restrict access to photos, birth date, religious views, and family information, among other things. You can give only certain people or groups access to items such as photos, or block particular people from seeing them. Consider leaving out contact info, such as phone number and address, since you probably don't want anyone to have access to that information anyway.

- I am pretty sure I have done it to mine and to my better half. I still have to check it for the second time though to make sure we are safe.

Posting Your Child's Name in a Caption

Don't use a child's name in photo tags or captions. If someone else does, delete it by clicking on Remove Tag. If your child isn't on Facebook and someone includes his or her name in a caption, ask that person to remove the name.

- Dang it! I always do it everytime I got photos to upload, my baby's name will be the caption of it.

Mentioning That You'll Be Away From Home

That's like putting a "no one's home" sign on your door. Wait until you get home to tell everyone how awesome your vacation was and be vague about the date of any trip.

- Kids beware for this one, you are hinting perverts/criminals to come into your home while your guardians are away. It could also be a warning to adults that love to let the world know how and what they're doing from time to time.

Letting Search Engines Find You

To help prevent strangers from accessing your page, go to the Search section of Facebook's privacy controls and select Only Friends for Facebook search results. Be sure the box for public search results isn't checked.

- It would be an advantage for people who blog as their means of exposing their page to the world as we all need traffic to our blogs. But your profile to be published in all eyes? That's another story.

Permitting Youngsters to Use Facebook Unsupervised

Facebook limits its members to ages 13 and over, but children younger than that do use it. If you have a young child or teenager on Facebook, the best way to provide oversight is to become one of their online friends. Use your e-mail address as the contact for their account so that you receive their notifications and monitor their activities. "What they think is nothing can actually be pretty serious," says Charles Pavelites, a supervisory special agent at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. For example, a child who posts the comment "Mom will be home soon, I need to do the dishes" every day at the same time is revealing too much about the parents' regular comings and goings.

Information lifted from YAHOO

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tips Before Leaving A Child To A Babysitter

I have always been a SAHM. I can't imagine leaving my baby at the day care or trusting her to somebody who is not related to me nor I know anything about one's background. That is scary! I have heard a lot of accidents and abused children under the care of their babysitters. To be sure, I take care my baby girl myself and never would I ever want to work until she starts going to school.

But for some mothers who have the need to work, it is okay for it left them no choice but leave their babies at someone's care. In case you need to hire a babysitter, here's a few tips you should consider before hiring someone and trust your baby. Hope it works for you and be thankful you came across this blog for I give important information to my readers once in a while.

- (HealthDay News) -- Before you choose a new babysitter or leave the sitter alone with your child for the first time, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you take the following precautions:
-Choose a sitter who has good references and has training in first aid and CPR.

-Make sure the sitter is mature, knows what to do in an emergency and is at least 13 years old.

Give the sitter a tour of your home, and encourage the sitter to show up well before you need to leave.

-Provide instructions in the event of a fire, including offering detailed escape plans.

-Direct the sitter on how and when to feed, bathe and "tuck in" your child.

-Be sure that your sitter knows about any health conditions affecting your child, including any allergies.

-Inform your sitter of where you're going and when you'll be back.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ten Places To Find Men

I found this article on Yahoo tonight and I thought of sharing this on my blog so that single ladies get to read this and gain some ideas on where they can find men for sure.

I am married to the most wonderful man I have ever known in my life for more than five years and I can certainly say I got the right man. Although we didn't meet in any of these places mentioned below yet I can somehow relate to some of these. My man is a handsome gentleman and mind you he loves fast cars (we both love going to custom car shows together with our baby), he loves doing manly things and Home Depot and Lowe's are his favorite places to go. Not to mention, he loves working out (we used to go to the gym together too) as well as he loves dogs!

You single ladies out there, aren't you glad you stumble upon this blog of mine tonight and is able to know what are those places you'd likely to find single men? Read on and start going to any of these places, who knows he is there waiting for you.

1. Eat Out
Busy, single men don’t have time to cook. This is why they need a girlfriend! Just kidding. However, when they are tired and hungry after work, they dine out at restaurants. So if you want to meet a new man, try a new restaurant at least once a week.

2. Join a Gym
Gyms are places where all body conscious men go to let off some steam. If you meet a man at the gym you can see what he really looks like when he’s all sweaty. If he looks good in gym clothes, he’ll look great in real clothes. People who work out are also much happier (translation: a better partner to be with).

3. Pay Attention To Your Pet
The sun is out and love is in the air. People are outside enjoying the weather. Take the opportunity to give your dog some extra attention and go to the park. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one. Many men think of dogs as soul mates (who else better understands their zest for the simple things in life?) and will often frequent dog runs. If a man sees a woman walking a cute dog, he will most likely start talking to her.

4. Fix Things
To me, Home Depot is the worst place in the world. I would rather sit in an icebox and freeze than go to an oversized tool shed. But, guys consider it their inner handyman Mecca. Men love fixing and building things, so Home Depot (or Lowes) stores are always filled with an array of manly men.

5. Start To Love Toys
Men love toys. The bigger the boat and the faster the engine, the more powerful the guy will be. The same way women love fashion shows, guys love toy shows. Car and boat shows are places where single men are like a flock to a shepherd. If you attend a car or boat show, pick up on the finer things in life (um, Ferraris anyone?), while meeting a man to drive it.

6. Wash Your Car
Speaking of cars, most men love their four-wheelers and they like them to appear brand new. It could be a rut (pun intended), but I’ve always dated men who are car freaks and I’ve been taken to car washes much too often. But while I'm there (bored to death), I’ve noticed that they were usually filled with men, and pretty hot ones sometimes. Head to a car wash and remember, your car can never be too shiny.

7. Be Tech-Friendly
True or false? Men are into electronics. All the men I’ve dated (or known for that matter) have proved this statement to be true. Men love technology and are always looking for new phones. If you want to meet a tech-friendly type of guy, frequent a Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T store.

8. Pick Up a Sport
Do you like tennis or golf? Well, start to love them both! Being active will boost your confidence and help you stay fit. Golf courses and tennis clubs are places that men go to with their friends. If you join one, you can better your game and meet new people.

9. Start Reading
Reading is a great way to escape your day-to-day troubles. Go to a bookstore and kill two birds with one stone – find a book and a brand new man. Some men love to learn and are always looking for reading material. If you’re browsing the same aisle, then you know you have something in common.

10. Get Cultured
Experience a typical New York moment by going to a museum. There are new exhibits opening all the time. If you meet a man at a museum, chances are he is interesting and cultured. You can also brush up on some art history while looking for that prospective boyfriend or husband.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I Want For Mother's Day

For most mothers, they would love to receive a lot of chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, shopping gift certificate, cakes and other pastries for Mother's Day...but not me... I wish my husband can read this posting of mine..somehow so he can have an idea on what I really want to receive from him this Sunday. I miss my home country so much and therefore I WANT PLANE TICKETS so I can go home this year! Oh Lord, please hear my simple wishes...I don't want anything else but plane tickets that will send me and my baby to Cebu at the end of this year!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Tribute To All Mothers

I have never known how it is to be a mother until I became one myself. I have never understood what the mother would feel if her child gets hurt until I experience it myself. Being a mother is the most wonderful responsibility you can ever have and for that I am thankful I am one of the million mothers now celebrating Mother's Day every month of May! To myself, to my mother, to my grandmothers, to my friends who are mothers, this is for us!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. ~Jewish Proverb

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge. ~Phyllis Diller

Woman in the home has not yet lost her dignity, in spite of Mother's Day, with its offensive implication that our love needs an annual nudging, like our enthusiasm for the battle of Bunker Hill. ~John Erskine

Women's Liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It's the men who are discriminated against. They can't bear children. And no one's likely to do anything about that. ~Golda Meir

You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back. ~William D. Tammeus

Who fed me from her gentle breast
And hushed me in her arms to rest,
And on my cheek sweet kisses prest?
My Mother.
~Ann Taylor

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.
~Ann Taylor