Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pros And Cons of Marrying A Younger And Older Man!

Older man pros:
- May be more established in life as far as financially and a home.
- May be more patient and has hopefully learned from past mistakes to not repeat them in his new marriage.

Older man cons:
- May have children already that may or may not approve of the pinay.
- May also have ex wive or wives that may or may not still be a part of his life.

Older man pro or con, depends on your view:
- May have an established life already and the pinay is not able to build with him as all is already set up.

Younger man pros:
- Odds favor him that he will live longer than an older man.
- Usually no ex wife or kids to have to deal with.

Younger man cons:
- May not have great financial security as he is just getting it started.
- May have immaturity still and not ready to take the leap into marriage.

Younger man pro or con, depends on your view:
- May not have established much as far as a home and such allowing the pinay to build with him.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toddler Gear: The Only 5 Items You Need

I hate it when I stepped or tripped into my girl's toys. Not only it hurts my feet but sometimes I fell down once I step on her toys. It pissed me off honestly, sometimes I wish we didn't buy her toys because she doesn't clean up after her mess. We end up sleeping at night with all the toys cluttered all over our place. When we need to get up at night, possibility is we fall down for stepping into her toys.

I found this article this morning stating the only 5 things necessary to keep around for the baby. You see no mention of plastic toys here which for me is an awesome idea, keep it simple and clean is what I want to do.

1. Car Seat

Unless you plan to stay home all summer, you'll need a car seat. If you haven't already done so, you'll also need to upgrade your infant seat to a larger one to safely accommodate your growing child. And don't forget, experts recommend you buy a new car seat rather than borrow a used one since safety standards are constantly changing.

2. Crib

Even though my toddler manages to nap on a cot at day care, she still needs a crib at night. My pediatrician recently reminded me that parents need to shift their kids to a toddler bed or purchase a crib tent once their youngsters start climbing out of their cribs.

3. Stroller

Personally, I find a stroller indispensable because I live in New York City and walk everywhere. Once I move to the suburbs, I may feel differently. But I imagine a set of wheels are helpful no matter where you live since little feet tire easily.

3. Sippy Cups

Drinking from an open cup can be tricky for young toddlers. Many can do it, but not without frequent spills. So unless you like cleaning up after your child, some form of sippy or straw cup is quite helpful.

4. Potty

When a toddler starts showing signs she's ready to get rid of her diapers, you'll want a potty to help make the process move along more smoothly.

5. Crayons

Hands down, my favorite toddler toy is a simple box of crayons. Steal some paper from your printer and you can transform your little mess maker into a regular Picasso. You can also ditch the flashcards and use the crayons to illustrate your own alphabet and set of numbers.

Of course, you'll also need clothing and diapers. But I didn't include these on the list since I don't consider them toddler gear.

You're also probably thinking I forgot about the high chair, changing table and even the toddler utensils. Nope. I let my daughter sit on a regular chair at the dining room table. I change her diapers on a towel on the bed. (Sometimes I just do it while she's standing up in the bathroom.) And she's quite happy using our regular silverware, provided she gets a salad fork and tea spoon.

Finally, I'll admit that toddlers need books too. But that's what the library is for.

What toddler items can't you live without?

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Change Of Mind

So sweet of him! I truly do appreciate my husband for setting his family first before anything else in this world. He changed his mind not to take the test anymore to promote himself to becoming a detective instead stick to his career as a police officer until he retires.

Becoming one would be such a big change and a fulfillment of his career, might a pay a bit more but not much but losing so much time for his family. It was his dream to become a detective but considering all the sudden change and big impact it could cause to our family, he changed his mind. He would come home late tired and grumpy, less time to rest, less time with his kids, he would miss me, I would miss him etc... are the worst things we both think about.

He just doesn't know how thankful and glad I am he is more concern of his family than his career. He devoted himself selflessly to us and I should be very very happy with that. I am one lucky wife to have found such an amazing partner in life and a great father to our kid/s.

Afraid Of Nurses Wearing White

Jadyn had her traumatic experience with nurses wearing white uniform during her vacation in the Philippines earlier this year. She got sick there and was confined in a hospital for two days. You know when in the hospital that you are going to be poked with needles and that somehow saved in her long-term memory. Such an innocent mind still remember those horrific experiences in that small hospital room. So every time there is a nurse wearing a white uniform, she'd come to me crying! Poor girl.

If only they wear scrubs uniforms nurses to make their looks friendly and calming to little patients, she wouldn't have remembered the women wearing whites were evil and bad. In my personal opinion, a nurse or any medical staff that wears a pink scrub that can be bought at because it is more feminine, more friendly and attractive to the little kids. That way, children won't perceive them as intimidating and be afraid of them if they wear lighter and more girly scrub.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Traps To Avoid When Shopping At The Mall

Another great article that I'd like to share here from Yahoo. This was written by a Yahoo contributor. I don't want to miss posting it here to for I know a lot of people or most women love to shop and they would like to grab the chance or the opportunity when they can in order to save money but little do they know, most of what the mall is offering are just traps. Read and so you can learn something from this informative article here.

Delayed Coupon

A recent shopping trap involves giving customers a coupon at the end of a purchase. The coupon may become active in the next day, week or month, tempting shoppers to return and buy more than they had initially planned. This shopping trap can be avoided by searching for online coupons that can be applied that very day and then bringing them along.

Scratch Cards

Another gimmick that mall stores have been using recently is scratch cards reminiscent of lottery scratch cards. To lure shoppers into the store, the scratch cards are handed out to passersby. There are no losing cards, which grants everyone the joy of a win. And once the shopper enters the store with a $5 scratch card, he is likely to fall into the shopping trap of buying something he wasn't planning on buying that day at all.

Save 15% on $75

Coupons that only come into effect when the consumer spends enough money are becoming more and more common in mall stores. Typically, the offers are made to club members -- shoppers who signed up to receive coupons in the mail. Though reserved for repeat customers, such coupons present an obvious shopping trap, one that's irresistible to someone who likes that store enough to become a club member. Seasonal shopping, four times a year, can help shoppers buy everything they need at one time and make use of such coupons only when they need them.

Save 15% Today

There isn't a store in a mall that doesn't offer 15% at the time of checkout if you'll apply for the store credit card. I've even come across instances when the proverbial "would you like to save 15% by applying for our card today?" has been replaced with a tantalizing "would you like to save 15%?" This shopping trap should be avoided for the simple reason that spending cash is psychologically more difficult than swiping a plastic card.

Cash Back or Rebate

Some store cards will offer you a rebate or cash-back bonus for every dollar you spend. Such bonuses are low, typically earning you $1 for every $1,000 spent, money which you can only spend by revisiting the store. Then, once back, you're likely to spend far more than your measly rebate.

Up to 50% Off

Mall stores often try to lure us in with tempting sale signs, such as 50% off. But when words like "up to" or "no more than" come before or after the number, the appeal changes drastically. Then, it's easy for us to fall into the shopping trap of paying a higher price, especially since the item we've spent time choosing is probably on sale too, though not for the higher (poster-perfect) amount. To avoid this shopping trap, read all signs carefully.

Buy 1 Get 1 at 1/2 Price

I've found this shopping trap in a wide range of mall stores. The buy 1 get 1 free promotion is one we're all so familiar with that stores use it to get our business. This can become a shopping trap when the second item is not actually offered for free but for half its price. Mall signs will typically present the "half price" in small numbers that can easily be missed or mistaken for shorthand for buy 1 get 2. Once more, the way to avoid this shopping trap is to read signs carefully or ask the store clerk for clarification.

Sale Rack Misfit

Sale racks may be great for bargain hunters, but they can also be terribly disappointing when a full-price item accidentally ends up on them. Rather than try on clothing you may be unable to afford, it is best to compare the price tags of surrounding items on a sale rack. Most likely, sale items will have a sticker on them to indicate the price reduction. The full-price misfit will then become glaringly obvious.

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