Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Family

My parents..on the right side My brother who is next to me, Adong the lil boy and Alex..also my Lalabs in the Airport from his first visit about to fly back home.

Pictures of my lil brother Esmael Jones Seno..he is 3 yrs.old now..

on the right pic,Anderson the bigger boy is the 5th of the family..left side is my young sister Alexia Mae

my pader and mader on our engagement day...other pic is the eldest,Elan

This was the last pic I took before I flew here in AMERICA..I so missed them both now!

taken during lalabs' first visit with lil sis

My mader and lil bro Adong

Pader and my Lalabs

My 2 grandmothers of my mother's side and ROnel,my cousin on my wedding day

Left and right women are my Aunties,my father's sisters. 1 in d middle is our family friend and its her daughter in green top

<---Pader and her sister on my wedding day
Another brother who is eating to me--->
Lil bro Adong in his Superman costume

My grandmother in Davao,papa's mama

On the right pic Brian in yellow,the 4th..Elan in white the eldest of us all...