Friday, February 3, 2012

One Week

Married life isn't always a bed of roses, part of it are misunderstandings, lovers' quarrel and other spices in life that makes the relationship grow stronger. My husband and I are married for over 7 years and all those years we shared together we have had only very few misunderstandings. Most part of the marriage is happy and just love is always within us.

However, if there are things we argue, often resolve it but there were times when things are hard to get over with so I am the one who usually making it a big deal. Anyway, he got me pissed last Sunday night and for that I stopped talking to him and he was completely unaware of it until he arrived home from work the following day which was Monday afternoon.

As we went to bed Sunday night, he kissed me goodnight but I did not respond. Monday he was at work he sent me messages on ym and on my cp but I chose not to reply them so when he got home he asked me what's going on, still I was not talking. When I am pissed at him I just don't wanna talk or do anything with him until I feel okay back again. He confronted me alright and he asked if I want it to last for one week, I did not say anything so he assumed I want it that way. So be it!

As the cold war goes until this writing of entry, we continued ignoring each other. I talk to my kids though and so he does. Well, I am not ignoring him completely because I talk to him a few words once in a while but you know there is tension in the air for we really are not in good terms right now...hmm no not yet! Hehehe...

Oh well, it is fine and I find no wrong with it bec. it is part of the marriage as well as the relationship would be boring without cold wars or whatsoever lol.

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