Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pros And Cons of Marrying A Younger And Older Man!

Older man pros:
- May be more established in life as far as financially and a home.
- May be more patient and has hopefully learned from past mistakes to not repeat them in his new marriage.

Older man cons:
- May have children already that may or may not approve of the pinay.
- May also have ex wive or wives that may or may not still be a part of his life.

Older man pro or con, depends on your view:
- May have an established life already and the pinay is not able to build with him as all is already set up.

Younger man pros:
- Odds favor him that he will live longer than an older man.
- Usually no ex wife or kids to have to deal with.

Younger man cons:
- May not have great financial security as he is just getting it started.
- May have immaturity still and not ready to take the leap into marriage.

Younger man pro or con, depends on your view:
- May not have established much as far as a home and such allowing the pinay to build with him.


  1. I would still prefer to marry an older man if i am not married today. Why? Because like what you said, they are more patient, when i get mad, i can get mad as long as i want, walay baga musiga ug maayo. If i am fire then my husband is water, calm and cool. Which i am thankful that he is like that aron di samot masamok ang di pakig angay.

  2. hehehe! i'll go for the ONE i love regardless of the age :D

    a visit from Soulful!

  3. Love bring us happiness and joy, but sometimes we have options because of the standing of our life. Anyways, I rather choose to someone that I love either he is old or young. The important is,i am happy.

  4. Bisaya pud diay ka sis. I do prefer a bit older guy because men are so late to mature.

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