Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toddler Gear: The Only 5 Items You Need

I hate it when I stepped or tripped into my girl's toys. Not only it hurts my feet but sometimes I fell down once I step on her toys. It pissed me off honestly, sometimes I wish we didn't buy her toys because she doesn't clean up after her mess. We end up sleeping at night with all the toys cluttered all over our place. When we need to get up at night, possibility is we fall down for stepping into her toys.

I found this article this morning stating the only 5 things necessary to keep around for the baby. You see no mention of plastic toys here which for me is an awesome idea, keep it simple and clean is what I want to do.

1. Car Seat

Unless you plan to stay home all summer, you'll need a car seat. If you haven't already done so, you'll also need to upgrade your infant seat to a larger one to safely accommodate your growing child. And don't forget, experts recommend you buy a new car seat rather than borrow a used one since safety standards are constantly changing.

2. Crib

Even though my toddler manages to nap on a cot at day care, she still needs a crib at night. My pediatrician recently reminded me that parents need to shift their kids to a toddler bed or purchase a crib tent once their youngsters start climbing out of their cribs.

3. Stroller

Personally, I find a stroller indispensable because I live in New York City and walk everywhere. Once I move to the suburbs, I may feel differently. But I imagine a set of wheels are helpful no matter where you live since little feet tire easily.

3. Sippy Cups

Drinking from an open cup can be tricky for young toddlers. Many can do it, but not without frequent spills. So unless you like cleaning up after your child, some form of sippy or straw cup is quite helpful.

4. Potty

When a toddler starts showing signs she's ready to get rid of her diapers, you'll want a potty to help make the process move along more smoothly.

5. Crayons

Hands down, my favorite toddler toy is a simple box of crayons. Steal some paper from your printer and you can transform your little mess maker into a regular Picasso. You can also ditch the flashcards and use the crayons to illustrate your own alphabet and set of numbers.

Of course, you'll also need clothing and diapers. But I didn't include these on the list since I don't consider them toddler gear.

You're also probably thinking I forgot about the high chair, changing table and even the toddler utensils. Nope. I let my daughter sit on a regular chair at the dining room table. I change her diapers on a towel on the bed. (Sometimes I just do it while she's standing up in the bathroom.) And she's quite happy using our regular silverware, provided she gets a salad fork and tea spoon.

Finally, I'll admit that toddlers need books too. But that's what the library is for.

What toddler items can't you live without?


  1. I'd have to say books. It keeps my toddler entertained no end, especially the pop up kind.

  2. Great post! I hate stepping on my daughter's toys too, it doesn't happen that often though because she does tend to clean up when she's done. She just has this huge rubbermaid plastic box she can dump her stuff into, lol.

    I agree with the books, we can't go to the library everyday so it's a necessity :)

  3. yah it's so annoying when you step on toys. but i doubt if we can totally take them out of the boys' gadgets. esp. ung mga blocks and zoob na kinalolokohan ngayon ng mga anak ko at maganda rin naman for their imagination. yun nga lang i let them clean up aftr them tho sometimes ako prn talaga. and their dad can't sleep when he can see toys in the living room. kaya sya rin nagliligpit.
    and yeah books are very very necessary. both educational and entertaining :D
    our home

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