Monday, July 4, 2011

Afraid Of Nurses Wearing White

Jadyn had her traumatic experience with nurses wearing white uniform during her vacation in the Philippines earlier this year. She got sick there and was confined in a hospital for two days. You know when in the hospital that you are going to be poked with needles and that somehow saved in her long-term memory. Such an innocent mind still remember those horrific experiences in that small hospital room. So every time there is a nurse wearing a white uniform, she'd come to me crying! Poor girl.

If only they wear scrubs uniforms nurses to make their looks friendly and calming to little patients, she wouldn't have remembered the women wearing whites were evil and bad. In my personal opinion, a nurse or any medical staff that wears a pink scrub that can be bought at because it is more feminine, more friendly and attractive to the little kids. That way, children won't perceive them as intimidating and be afraid of them if they wear lighter and more girly scrub.

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