Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Very Nice Husband He Is

I told my husband yesterday upon arriving home from our long flight that he is such a good husband to me and that he has been so very nice since I met him. How can I pay him back of the goodness he showed me? And he jokingly replied, "I will be nice until one year more and after I will be a bad man or any other typical husband!". He's kidding me I know. His attitude and behavior is proven that he truly is a good man to be with. What did I do to deserve such a man like my husband?

I came home tired only to see the house especially the kitchen counter and stove are squeaky clean almost no flaws at all. He did some painting in there, changed the old faucet, install some hangers and etc. He made it look as if it hasn't been used for a while. When I went to the living room, it was all neat and organized, moved on to the bedroom, the bed was inviting, sheets are clean and electric blanket is ready to be used...he even vacuumed the entire carpeted floor and lastly, he installed a new remote controlled thingy in the toilet that would give you warm toilet bowl, washes/ dries your bottom in just a push of a button. So lucky wife I am here wowwwww! Truly I am fortunate to have married such a man that thinks of his family first before others!

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