Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bad Dreams

It's been days now since I have really bad dreams. Could it be because of my pregnancy or what? Last night was the scariest one, I dreamed of someone I just met who then turned into a wak-wak, started biting me and wanting to eat my liver and the fetus in my womb. As we wrestle so she can't get to me, I also prayed the Our Father and hang a scapular in her neck so she couldn't get to me and then that woman turned into a cat. Two cats she turned herself into, one that has fangs and a bad cat and the other one was a really good cat, very much the same to that of my little sister's lost cat named Cindy. 

The previous night I also dreamed of being frightened for my grandfather who's already dead visited me in my dream. I don't understand as to why he insisted himself that he was still alive yet nobody could see him except me while I knew the fact he was gone in this world a year ago. Oh my grandfather, whatever it is that you want to tell me, just say so and stop showing in my dreams for it's really scary. 
Too many bad dreams I've had already, enough of it please. Tired of dealing those frightening dreams that I don't need.

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