Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Smell Of Good Cooking

How nice life can be if you wake up late in the morning to the smell of good cooking in the kitchen. I knew good breakfast awaits me when I wake up because the husband was up and cooked us some bacon, fried eggs with tomato and onions. Awesome, I didn't have to do something in the kitchen. I felt lazy and tired. So minutes later I got up and start my morning warm drink, rice and the food the he cooked for us!

It's a lazy day for us. No errands to do outside. My plan is to finish my online tasks so I can go to bed again. I always feel weak and tired maybe because of the long trip or the two-week visit to the doctors/hospital during the last two weeks of our stay in the Philippines. I've slept long hours since I arrived but that didn't seem enough. I still want to sleep more which I would do after this. Happy weekend everyone!

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