Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's the first day of April woooooohooo and it's also April Fool's Day. Gotta fool my friends in a little while eh. For now I need to stay focus on grabbing opportunities to make some money. I so look forward to harvesting what I sow last month. Today and tomorrow, I am expecting three different payments from paid blogging sites. Reviewme is scheduled to send their payments to me this day which I think I'm gonna receive 66 bucks. At loudlaunch, I have 60.90 there and in payu2blog I got like over a hundred bucks there. Yeppppppeeyyy another batch moolah adding to my account.

Hopefully, I can come up that amount enough to pay for my plane tickets for I'm so wanting to fly to the Philippines later this year or earlier next year. Wish me luck for that.

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