Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Thinks I'm Nice

Sunday was a busy day for us here. We went to pick up the fan that my husband bought near the Asian Market in Haltom City, dropped off the fan home and I drove to Walmart for grocery shopping (proudly say I do drive now when we go shop for food), come back, the man cleaned the fan while I got busy in the kitchen.

I did all the washing of dishes, putting the grocery stuff in proper places, feeding myself and the baby and marinated the pork meat to be grilled later in that afternoon as well as prepare some veggies to be included in the cook out. I did all that without my husband's supervision. Couple of hours later he went inside to get the stuff for grilling and it was all ready for him.

He thought it was so nice of me to do that. He perhaps expected to do all that himself after cleaning the fan and so he said "thanks Honey, you are so nice!" Hmmmmmm I feel flattered to be called nice by my better half eh.

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