Saturday, March 20, 2010

Asawa's Haven Reborn

I have had this blog titled Asawa's Haven in 2007 published in free blog hosting called Bravejournal. Back then this blog of mine was popular, I gained a lot of traffic, plenty of fresh entries everyday including personal, reviews, opinions and paid posts. It was when my blogging career was at its peak. Plus a PR of 3 got me to the top earner of the month on PPP. Man, I missed those days! It was such glorious days for me.

I loved all my blogs in bravejournal. Thus, posting a slideshow or photos there was difficult. When I lost my PR in all my BJ blogs I decided to quit abruptly leaving my frequent visitors hanging. I felt bad about that. Well, it was three years ago but then since I am not that busy anymore, I thought why not start a new blog getting the same title I've had before?

So folks, here's my new blog now. You all welcome here and I hope you accept this new blog of mine as much as you do with my old ones.

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