Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggs Are Ready

I snatched Jadyn from the backyard at dusk so that she won't see the eggs I laid everywhere in the backyard. The eggs are all ready for her waiting on her tomorrow to be picked up. I don't plan of going anywhere tomorrow so we will just do our egg hunting here on our own. Annie invited me to attend the FIL-AM egg hunting in Bedford but I don't feel like going there, I am tired.

We have been driving for two consecutive days and I want to rest tomorrow. I'm just gonna tell her that I cannot come. I doubt if my husband will be happy driving again tomorrow though so might as well, stay! I am just going to take photos of my girl doing her egg hunting ALONE haha! How sad. Last year, she did it alone at her tita Rose's house and this year, she's alone again. Poor girl.

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