Monday, April 19, 2010

Too Much Beer

My husband got sick last night and it worried me down to my bones. Negative thoughts came to my mind, what if he poisoned himself with rat pee by drinking the beer from the can although I was so sure that he used a mug to drink his beer not directly from the can. But what can I do, I'm just his wife who cares so much about him.

He was working the plumbing in two sinks in the bathroom at the same time drinking beer unknowingly he drank too much of it that made him sick. He threw up and needed to lay down occasionally as he said to put his head together. Whose fault is that now?

Him being sick resulted to skipping his dinner and the movie. At 9 pm, he was already snoring and woke up once in a while and then went to snore again. The baby was sleeping as well so there is no reason for me to stay up late and went to bed at 11.

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