Friday, June 10, 2011

That Was A Good Question He Asked

My birthday is coming. I'll be two decades and 8 years old in 21 days. Huh, that old already? I am thankful I have been given those long years to experience and enjoy life with family by God. My husband asked me the best question ever a woman or a wife would want to hear. He asked " so what would you like to have on your birthday?". I didn't know what to answer but very pleased with his question. I jokingly replied him back "don't ask me what I want because you might can't give it to me, I would want to have a real genuine gold bar".. haha.. that time I told him that, I wasn't sure or couldn't think of anything else what I really wanted for my birthday.

I got on the internet, was gonna open the Dooney and Burke's site and browse for purses there when he walked toward my back. I don't want him to see what I was looking on the internet so I pretended to open other sites. Honestly, I have several D&B purses I'm eyeing on for days now and really want to get one for myself but... I have a mission.. a mission that requires quite a fair amount of money so I am saving up for it.

Anyway, minutes passed by... my husband suggested or asked me if I want a new digital camera, a much better one than what we're currently using... hmm camera? that would be a great idea. Not DSLR though for I know we are tight in budget right now... If I want one, that would be in the future but for now I would just settle for something that is the latest that takes the same quality or close to a DSLR one for my delivery... soooo a digital camera for my birthday would be awesome. I am easy to please, I appreciate every little or big things come my I am loving the idea of having to use a much nicer camera than this cheap one I have right now...duh what do I expect, it only cost me 85 bucks when I bought it two years ago.

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