Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leaving The Kitchen Neat

If there is one thing to be brag about my husband is that he is not a messy type of person. He knows how to clean up after himself. Unlike other men, he knows exactly where to put his dirty clothes and that go directly to the laundry basket. When he cooks, he makes sure that the kitchen is neat before he leaves there. He washes the dishes right away after using them to avoid the clutter.

And I am somewhat the opposite. Whenever I take turn in the kitchen, rest assured it will be a big mess as if it was just hit by a tornado. It's because, I want to finish cooking first before tidying up. I want to do the dishes all at once and clean the kitchen counter top and leave. Or sometimes I leave the place all messy and feed myself and the baby and would just come back when I am full. I have big belly you know and standing for long hours of cooking makes my back and legs hurt so I need to sit down and eat before cleaning!

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