Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Already Have A Plan

It's Father's day tomorrow and I already have a plan for the father in this house. My baby girl and I are going to church at 11 so we need to wake up earlier than our usual waking time. But before leaving in the house, I would love to have baby girl to bring our Father's day presents to her daddy so he can open it with his girl next to him and take a picture of them together.

I would only tell what the presents are tomorrow evening. He might have an idea what it's gonna be but even so it will still be special for him to make him feel that all his support, love and care to his child and his family are appreciated. They are just so simple gifts but heartily given!! Hope he likes them!

Back to my plan, after church I would treat my husband to a restaurant, my treat so he can't say no to my invitation. I wouldn't even let him pay for the tip because as I say, it's my treat so he doesn't need to spend a dollar for our lunch tomorrow as we celebrate his day!

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