Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post- Mother's Day Celebration With Friends

Myself, big girl and 5 other Filinas gathered together for a post Mother's day celebration at Grapevine Mills mall yesterday. At least 4 of us are mothers of one. I was the only that's pregnant in the group but that did not hinder me from roaming around the mall with them. We called it, ladies' day out. We all had fun thankfully. We met during lunch time so we managed to have our lunch together at the mall's food court. It wasn't a special gathering for us but it was worth the drive. It was also my first time to see Marly's and Emelyn's babies for the first time. They are pretty girls and really good babies. My pleasure to meet my Filipina friends here in Texas for we don't seldom see each other due to the fact that some of those ladies live from afar and few don't drive.

...... since I don't have pictures of me and my baby during Mother's day, yesterday I made sure I get one for remembrance...for me everyday is a mother's day because of the hard work I've done with her...
.....with girlfriends before we do our long walk, we took a pose right at the mall's is missing, the photographer
...we took our kids to a train ride, my big girl loved it so did the adults enjoyed the quick ride too.


  1. it's my pleasure, Anne ♥
    glad to keep in touch with you :D

  2. Yah! That was fun anne :) we'll dot it again.