Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Treat

We had our Mother's Day lunch date at our favorite Chinese buffet yesterday. We did it ahead of time to dodge the Mother's day crowd today. So thoughtful of my husband for treating me out for a crab. He knows how crazy I am with crabs that is for sure. Not only I got my crab but I got to eat some seafoods I so wanted to eat for so long. I know I can make them at home but it is different when cooked at the restaurant. So simple is the celebration but it meant more than anything else to me. I celebrated it with the most wonderful people in the world, my family!

You'll see below I am out of the picture. I didn't feel like taking picture of myself yesterday instead took pictures of my husband and the baby...
......when I took this one, I told them it's supposed to be Mother's day not Father's day lol... above is our baby girl with her desserts
...... oh crab legs...the highlight of the day and below more seafoods and veggies for the preggy mother. Jadyn saw the crawfish and said yuck, roaches!


  1. happy mother's day and i'm your newest follower at facebook! i bet you enjoyed your mother's day out, lots of food...everything's mouthwatering! :) have a great week!

  2. We also had ours sa buffet din. We love crab legs and at a buffet it's eat all you can, di ba?