Monday, May 16, 2011

A Clean Sink Is Unusual??

Somebody just made a comment how the dirty dishes disappeared. I cleaned after I fed myself and our baby girl this afternoon. I had nothing else to do so I did the most dreaded chore of the day, doing dishes that is! When my husband got up from his peaceful rest, he went to the kitchen and seeing the kitchen clean made him say something. I didn't hear him clearly what he was saying but I uttered, why is it unusual to see the sink clean? And he agreed to that.

Arggggs and ouch! I can't blame him, although it was just a joke. Doing the dirty dishes is the last chore I wanna do at the end of the day so most afternoons upon arriving home from work, you could expect to see the sink full of dirty dishes piled up. In rare occasions, he would do the job for me knowing that he just worked ten hours dealing with criminals yet when he comes home, a dirty sink what greets him. That is why, seeing a clean sink is unusual!

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