Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CC #: 2 Me, As A Wife

Couple's Corner

Wow it's Couple's Corner day again. How did I miss last week's topic? Too bad I wasn't able to write about that, I was really anticipating to join last week's CC for I got so much to tell about me being a mother, of course I would only tell what my husband says about me.

Anyways, I am glad that I am back on track now. I somehow thought that CC will be every Friday? Just recently I received a compliment from my husband about me being thoughtful. Naks, heart flattering it is but I don't know that. I just have to be me when he's around. I don't cook him dinner, he does his own dinner even after working ten-hour shift everyday. All I do is fix him breakfast on his day off. I make sure he's still on the computer and bring the food in his study so he doesn't get starved while reading his news.

A friend of his visited us 3 weeks ago and he gave me the same compliment after handling him his slippers outside so he can be comfortable. My husband sure heard what his friend said and I believe, these men sure are grateful for they appreciate every little thing I did to them. There are so many things he think I am too busy to write them all right now..


  1. i missed a lot of topic in CC too but posted my share for the topic this week. it's really nice to hear flattering words from our husband

    mine's at a wife's online abode

  2. wow! Love your Blog name.. Bisaya ka? heheheheh

  3. typical cebuana na nga karakter day!!! ehhe..bisita sad sa ako kay malingaw ko nimo magcomment..mgsegi ko katawa..hehe! good day buntit!

  4. Napaka sweet mo naman pala ke hubby mo. But you are so lucky that you don't have to fix him lunch or dinner. He's very independent. But know what, being complimented by our hubbies make us want to give them more di ba? Kasi kapag alam nating na aappreciate tayo, parang mas masarap ang feeling..

  5. We should appreciate our sweet husbands. Your post has been a reminder to me to do more for him.