Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday #:1 Silly Wife

These are photos of me and my husband at Fort Worth Botanical Garden last year. I love it when the husband bring us somewhere just so we can get away from the house for a while during the weekend. I need a break from staring at  four walls of the house so you can only imagine how happy and appreciative I am when we can get to breathe some fresh air. Also it is how we spend family time together with all the roses and chirping birds with our kid.

Photos below show how silly I am with my husband. And he is the complete opposite. He is an American but he doesn't like PDA or public display of affection. He is a traditional gentleman that doesn't even kiss in public, lolz!


  1. sweet and wacky..

    followed you here..:) ikaw pala si Texas_Sweetie..:)

    Hope you can visit my first entry for Sweet Saturday thanks :)

    followed your baby blog too.. mine is here

  2. you're so cute to look at together. i agree with the comments - wacky and sweet. it's funny how opposite you are. it shows in the picture. di pala lahat ng american ay PDA :D thanks for joining! hope to see more sweet photos of you and your hubby in the coming weeks :D

  3. oh, that's not silly.. that's SWEET.. another sweet story here, you may want to check it out..

  4. So sweet! Thanks girl for following my blog. Now following you back via GFC and networked blogs. So glad to meet you! Have a great week!

  5. Sweet naman, following you back :)

  6. i love both's nice to treasure such kulit moments..visiting here for sweet Saturday.

    chiewilks of A Wife's Onlin Abode

    I hope we can xlink.

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