Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CC #: 1 How Do I Annoy Him?

Rodliz’s Nest

I been meaning to join this meme for so long but for some reason I keep forgetting making an entry for this one, so today... comes the very first submission I have for this meme.

My husband is reserved and quiet person and I am the opposite. I love to talk nonsense. The way to annoy him is when he need that peace and quiet at home especially when it's movie time and I make a noise, that surely would piss him off. Another thing that could annoy him is me just grabbing/touching his tits without warning. He said, it's okay to touch tits when it's sex time but if it is just ordinary time, he doesn't want that simply because he doesn't like the feel of my finger in them, haha!

How about you couples out there? What are sort of things that can annoy your better half? Share it here, I wanna read it!


  1. Hahaha! that is so funny. I remember my hubby, ayaw na ayaw din niyang sinasalat ko ang nipples nya, naiirita yata, kapag sex time ko na lang tuloy ginagawa, hehehe.. kahit siguro sino eh maaannoy kapag maingay manood ng movie ang katabi di ba?

    Thanks for joining our Couple's Corner Meme..See you again next time. RodLiz

  2. Thats is funny... naku kasi naman hwag mo na hawakan nipples niya if hindi loving making time..ikaw!!baka mawala na gana niya na hawakn mo nipples niya when you're about to make love..

    Naku agree ako diyan sa sinabi mo making noise while watching movie..mahabang usapan sa amin ng hubby ko yan..hahah shut my mouth up talaga..hahah

    Mine is here..

  3. Anne, buang jud diay ka, annoy nga siya...wala pa nako na try ana sa akong bana :-)

  4. hahaha! i think i would be annoyed as well if it's done to me, hehe..

  5. hhahahha...atot jud ka babaye..hehe. di lageh ko ka comments sa imong ubang site woi..giatit ba kana! happy CC..mine is up..see yah!

  6. hmmm,that would surely annoy me,too;)

  7. haha! kulit... pero gusto ni bossing un lest wala sya sa mood...