Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Bonding

The weekends are my most favorite days of the week maybe because I look forward to going out not in a special place but away from the house for just an hour or two. Only during weekends we can do things together as a family because my husband works four days during the week. We do have a little bonding in the house every night though but family bonding we have on weekends is longer and more fun.

When there is a place to go where the three of us could enjoy, we would do that. I am glad I have a husband who spend time with his family rather than ignoring us or spending it with other people. Well, he has no other friends that he'd hangout in the first place so he has nowhere to turn to, but us lolz..

Anyway, we had such a blast at the 2011 Fort Worth Air Expo in NAS JRB Carswell yesterday. Our little girl was able to touch the planes that are in the base and saw flying planes making a show including the Blue Angels. Here are some snaps of us!

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