Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Nice Cop, A Good Husband??

My husband came home from work yesterday thirty minutes late. I don't mind him being late coming home but as a wife I can't help but asked as I am concern of him why. He then told me a story about a woman blocking her vehicle on a highway that caused traffic from backing up. He was on his way to the sector to get off work and go home but then he saw this woman in the middle of the road so he stopped.

To make the story short, he helped her pushed her car to the side (don't know what he did exactly to help her, should be more than pushing car etc...) that made that woman utter such an outstanding compliment to him saying "You are a very nice cop and please tell your wife that she has got a good husband". She said that because several cops have passed by her rushing to go home and nobody seemed to care stopping to know what's going on with her. She actually got her kids with her in the backseat and even those little innocent ones said the same thing, "mommy, wow he is very nice!". It turned out that she wasn't just a black woman but a professional one, a registered nurse...and she was pleased of what officer Sanborn's simple gesture did to her. She was probably tired of being treated like a ghetto by other people 'coz she's black!

Hearing that story from yesterday is very flattering and like music to my heart. I am glad other people see his kindness in him and I, as a wife can't help but admire him more.

Lesson here is that, by doing simple and kind gesture to other people help them know that there are still good people left in this world. A simple gesture that can make someone's day and that's what my husband exactly did to that family. There are still a lot of stories he did from the past that makes me very proud of him. Yes, he's truly a good man and I feel blessed, the luckiest woman exists on earth I have him in my life.

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