Monday, March 28, 2011

How Far Am I?

I seem lost tracking my pregnancy these days due to farming in my backyard. All I can remember is I'm in my five months pregnancy. To make sure I also know how far am I in weeks, I visited one website that I used when I was pregnant with my first born. So I am now in my 19 weeks of pregnancy, the bump is getting big and heavy everyday. Heartburn is becoming my enemy these days but drinking a cup of milk before bedtime helps a lot. Since I did it, I noticed no more recurring bad dreams that make me shiver and frightened when I wake up in the morning. There are still dreams but they are not as bad as the previous nights. I also feel I get tired easy after just a few minutes of movement or doing my chores yet I choose to be active as I can and walk in the neighborhood if the weather permits. It's not only beneficial for the baby but for my body as well as Jadyn's.

Photos below are recent shots of my bump. Take a look at them and tell me if I look heavy now.

... photo above taken just a week ago at my OB GYN's office.. this was before we know our baby's gender...

...... the photo right here was taken just yesterday in our front yard. You might want to click on the picture to see clearly how big is the bump now....


  1. Pretty pregger!:-) hEY, where's my coffee?:-)
    I like the name, Megan too. God bless your pregnancy.

  2. congrats! buntis diay ka Day.. still remember you.