Friday, March 18, 2011

It's A Baby Girl!!!

So the most awaited day has ended, we now know that our second baby is a GIRL. This means another "PRINCESS" addition to our family is coming. August 2,2011 I'll be due. I knew I am going to have a baby girl again, mother instinct is so strong right from the beginning that I didn't even hope for a baby boy or if I did it was only 1% at least.

We already have a name long before we can conceive a baby girl. My husband told me long time ago that if we have another baby and it's a girl we are going to name her, MEGAN. Why? Because it sounds close to MORGAN which is his late father's name and my husband's second name. Since I like the name Megan, I didn't look for another name nor debate with him. But, I was going to spell it this way "MEGHANNE" or "MEGHAN" but my husband thinks it's silly so I stick to the simplest spelling possible. It is simple, easier for the baby to write her name in the future and it has five letters in it same as JADYN. Simple and easy!

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  1. congratulations my friend, have a nice weekend, if you can see my blog too :D