Saturday, October 8, 2011

Helping A Cousin Find A Mate

Who says finding your mate online doesn't work? My husband and I are the living example of online dating. We met at a dating site seven years ago. I am from the Philippines and of course he's from Texas. We are two souls bound to be together. Two completely different personalities yet in love and relationship is getting stronger as years pass by. In fact, we are celebrating our seven years of happy marriage next week.

Another example of couple who met online is my cousin whom I have not talked to for two years in the other state. She too, found her husband at a dating site of course with my help. As young as 17 years old, I taught her how to chat, set up an email account and register herself at different dating sites so she can marry an American. She was successful!

Then I am thinking of helping another cousin in the Philippines to use the the internet so she can start registering herself too. I would want her to create a profile at a Christian dating site for a great chance of mingling or dating with christian singles. I am more than willing helping people those are interested to make their life gets better instead of just screwing around boys in our country who proves nothing but make a lot of children and have nothing to support them.

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  1. hmmmm.. playing matchmaker huh?

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Love in Its Unconditional Form?