Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He Find Me Weird Which Is Weird

We are turning 7 years of our marriage in 11 days. Wow that long already? It felt like it was just yesterday when we tied the knot. I am blessed and thankful for another blissful year of being together. In relation to me being married to my husband, I still find him attractive and handsome despite of our slightly grown bellies (I don't take that as criticism instead it's a sign of progress for both of us, we are having a good life you know lol), I am too vocal of my feeling towards him and from time to time, whenever I feel like saying it, I would blurt it out to him saying, "hmmmmm you look so guapo times like when he just showered or coming home from work". Then he would reply to me, you're weird. For what? For finding me handsome, he said. LMAO! So what? Of course he is handsome because I picked him. I married him!

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