Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Riding With A Superhero

We had a close call to an accident last Sunday. We were going to the Filipino market at that time taking the busy service roads when all of the sudden this other driver driving a van just crossed the street without looking to an incoming traffic. My husband was driving at least 40 miles an hour and had very little time to act quickly. He was gonna go right but then the van continued crossing the street so the husband had to steer left. His driving skill and being in the law enforcement for 19 years was tested last Sunday with all his family riding with him in the car. It was the other driver's fault for he failed to yield and gave us the right of way.

His wise thinking and quick maneuvering saved us from a disastrous accident. It could have slowed down our day and worst got stuck in a hot summer temperature with our little girls. I was thankful nothing happened to us, and thankful enough to the husband who at that time proved to us that he can take care of his family even in an unexpected circumstances.

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