Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping In Touch With My Family

Calling my family back in the Philippines could cost us a fortune if I won't be careful with my call with them. As much as I wanted to call them often, I cannot do that... I just can't do that. Before I had their internet service disconnected we could talk at least twice a week via the internet using yahoo messenger with live webcam. Since my mother often complain about the monthly payment of their internet service I'd rather have it disconnected than keep hearing her mouth that is too annoying.

What I am using nowadays to call them is something bought online but it won't give reasonable price for my International Calling. I would like to switch but I don't know what company should I turn to because I know for sure some would charge me hidden fees and other surprising unwanted charges that I am not sure willing to pay.

Gladly though I was able to talk to someone who has been here for over a decade and knows which international calling service should I purchase in order to save some money. I may have to try it for the first time this weekend and compare the rates between and the current subscription I have.


  1. during the time when YM wasn't yet heard and FB was still not thought of, we had a hard time keeping in touch with my sister, Liz, lol! :)

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Computer Shop?

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