Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Might Be Pregnant

I might be pregnant with our second baby. It is a planned pregnancy since my husband and I both agreed to have our second baby before I fly to the Philippines this year. He was okay when I asked him if I can stop taking my birth control pills so here I am feeling signs of pregnancy. A week before my last date of period, I knew and I felt it somehow that I could get pregnant right away due to these symptoms follows below;

- darkening of nipples and around them there are dark spots like that of tagip-tip in our native tongue

- dizziness that occurs anytime of the day

- missing a period, supposedly I have it on the 16th of this month, but none came so far

- cravings for specific foods like empanada

- weird habits lately... I don't eat popcorn much but there were two instances ni midday I ate a whole bag of popcorn. I don't usually eat popcorn and when I do, I can only eat half of the bag.

- laziness

- frequent hunger that is so hard to resist so I end up eating a lot

- mother's instinct I believe to just touch my belly as if it is bulging already but it's not

However, I haven't done any home pregnancy test yet so I don't raise my hope that high...not until I go to the doctor and confirm if it's really TRUE.

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