Friday, August 6, 2010

All I Want Is My Husband

Again I had this strange dream last night. I dreamed of being in the Philippines staying at my parents' house with my baby. In my dream, I had an argument with my mother, she was nagging at me so bad that I got tired of it. She couldn't stop nagging at the man who slept in my bedroom who has a long blond hair, skinny, white skin and blue eyes..for sure it wasn't my first American boyfriend for he was too handsome- the Ryan Gosling type of guy that I've seen in a movie, The Notebook.

I was so upset with my mother because of that. Somehow deep in my thoughts, I had three boyfriends at that time, one named Luke Kerr who was my first boyfriend in real life, my husband whom I call Lalabs- he was left here in America, I was in the Philippines for a vacation and the third guy who was sleeping in my bedroom. Of these three guys I mention, the only one that I so missed and I was looking for is my husband.

In my dream I uttered, Lalabs! calling him because I missed him so much. So the lesson is, either in reality or in my dreams, all I ever wanted is my husband and no one else...I guess I just love him so much that he stand out among any other guys I've had relationships with in my past...

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