Friday, July 9, 2010

I've Never Been So Scared

.... read the development of the Officer's condition here Fort Worth Officer Who Crashed Now in Intensive Care

I was in the midst of enjoying my late lunch yesterday afternoon while watching Judge Judy when a flash news about a Fort Worth Police Officer shown in the screen lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree, critically injured written in BOLD letters on the tv screen that sent a shock right through my spirit. As the video coverage went on, I was sweating profusely that I was like in over a hundred degree temperature outside.

How could I not be so scared if my husband is out there too working the same line of work as the one flashed on the news? God forbid, accidents do happen anytime and to anyone. I felt hanging by the news not getting any information as to who that police officer was. I was frightened to my bones! 5 minutes went on when the news reporter finally revealed the age and years of experience of the officer and I was like THANK YOU, LORD for it wasn't my husband! He is a 37 year-old with 15 years experience in policing and that Officer is Richard A. Lambing.

Though I was relieved of what I heard, I can't help but feel bad of the Officer because of how badly damaged the car was. The way witnesses describe the sound of impact that should tell you how strong the force was that made the Officer unconscious and unresponsive. "a sound of a tire blowout and an 18-wheeler truck crashed" as described by one of the witnesses of the accident. Imagine that.

As a wife of a Police Officer, I can only put my spirit at ease when my husband retires in four years time....

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