Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Application Of Citizenship

I can't believe I have gone this far in my endeavor. It feels like it was just yesterday when I found the man of my dream, came to join him in America, had a baby and built that desirable family I long to have for a long time and look at me now, I am about to apply for my U.S Citizenship.
I am quite ready for it. In fact, I have been practicing their self-help test on their website and I learned a lot of their history and current events although there are few questions I need to master before I could say I am totally ready for the interview.

I have the form total pages of ten filled out and is now waiting for the weekend to come so I can get a passport size photos and send my application to Dallas. Weewww I am getting so excited for this thing to be over with. After the citizenship, I will be done with US governmental papers and I will have the same rights as Americans do. I will be equal with them and for that I will let no one to put me down. Hopefully, God permits and allows me to be an American citizen and everything will be smooth and easy.

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