Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As you have noticed on my Facebook list I got tons of people there that I kept after a thorough clean up last February. I deleted those that aren't that close to me I knew online and I met once in my life. Things were not meant to be so I decided to let them go. I don't feel any regret at all.

For strangers who just came across to my FB page, seeing more than 250 people in my list would probably think I am pathetic. If you call it that way then be it, I don't blame myself for that because most of those are from my elementary, high school, college and neighbors whom I got reconnected with through facebook.

Oh! To tell you the truth, I am so glad I joined FB and keep myself open for other eyes to see. Through it, I found tons of people way back in my school days. Just last night, I found two people who were my classmates in high school. Edilenson Igot was my 4th yr. h.s. classmate under Ma'am Sanchez, who was a quiet, smart, twiggy boy who just sat in one corner of our classroom tickling his guitar. I admired this kid for he was just simple yet deep.

When he accepted my request, I was grateful, I got to see his photos that concluded that he really was my classmate. He is now in New Zealand having a family of his own which is good for him. I thought wow what a fine man seeking his future outside the country, nanikay sikay ug nangita kaayohan para mo asenso!

Another one is Nelson Tunacao or "Isot" as most people called him. So nice to see his happy pictures along with Koreans. He probably works in South Korea, the pictures tell it all. Good job Isot, 'coz you joined those people who want to be responsible and successful in life.

Duh it just feel so freakin' good to have found several friends over the internet after almost a decade of losing contact with them. I can go on forever enumerating people who have made their way out of poverty and uplifted themselves for the better but I don't wanna bore you with this nonsense. Just come by more often check me out...

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