Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chip Free Manicure For 14 Days?

Would you believe a manicure that really lasts 14 days? Personally, that would be impossible since I do all my house chores with my bare hands. I do dishes a lot everyday of my life so a nice manicure that could last for two weeks will be a great idea but how? What kind of product that we can buy to achieve lustrous nails longer? Here is what CND company is hoping to bring ladies back to the salon with Shellac at recession time. A new nail polish that is an innovative hybrid nail color that is guaranteed to last for 14 days. Yeah it is a proven fact shellac manicures last two whole weeks reportedly by a woman who have tried the product herself. The con though is it is worth more than a salon price of 40-45 bucks each.

Read the whole article about this nail polish HERE

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