Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Expecting baby #2

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

My husband and I are pregnant! Yes, we are pregnant with our second kid. It was a surprise. We knew there was a chance we could be, but we weren’t really trying to have a second. Nonetheless, we are very excited and can’t wait for the baby to get here. We were trying to rework our budget last night and realized we are going to need to make several adjustments. Babies are very expensive little things and we need to be more prepared for this one than we were for the first. I started calling our utility companies trying to renegotiate rates and packages.

I was very pleasantly surprised by how helpful DIRECT TV BROWNSVILLE was to me. They were able to help me achieve my budget goals and I am thrilled. With the various other negotiations, I am starting to feel much better about our second little baby. I am hopeful that the second will be easier than the first, but I am thinking it might be wishful hoping. However, it never hurts to hope.

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