Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Grandfather

Contribution by Michale Greer

My grandfather loves watching old western movies. He is a huge fan of John Wayne and loves watching any movie that has him in it. He was telling me that he wished he had a tv channel that he showed all of his favorite movies. I showed him how to log on to to find out if there are any channels that show old western movies. He was so happy that he was able to research this and find a tv package that includes a channel with western movies.

This new tv channel never shows a movie that he does not like and he never seems to get tired of the westerns. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie with him and it really seems like he is watching a movie for the first time, even though I know he has seen it many times before. I do not mind watching these movies either. I am glad that there is something that I can share with my grandfather so that I can spend more time with him.

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  1. that was very sweet of you.. wish i spent some time with my grandfather, but but both of them died early..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Millionaire?