Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Compliment About My Husband

I talked to our travel agent (who is also a Filipina) an hour ago for our ticket confirmation and she said something to me that flattered me so much about my husband. She was telling me that she was impressed with my husband before because he fulfilled his promise to his Filipina wife.

Lily Bogan asked him if I could just fly with other Filipinas to the US so he can save some money but he insisted in going to pick me up. That part there is what impressed the agent. As a wife, upon hearing that makes me feel so loved and very flattered knowing that it came from somebody I don't know...

I should have known how lucky I am to have a husband like my Sandy for he truly is a wonderful man, a good provider to our family, a devoted husband and most of all a hard-working man. He gives us a comfortable life and  arms so strong and secure. Thank God for I am so blessed!

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